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Thomas Properties - Testimonials & FAQ


NOV 6, 2019











Thank you Marc!

John Lister


We first met Marc in 2003 when we purchased a Resale Timeshare in South Africa from him. After enjoying trading the Timeshare through RCI for many places throughout the World we decided last year to look at what he had to offer through WinPoint. We are so happy we traded in our Timeshares and now belong to WinPoint. In January, 2014 we enjoyed 27 nights on the Big Island of Hawaii, and will be enjoying 14 nights in November in Fort Lauderdale and then 29 nights in January, 2015 on the Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai. All this is possible through our WinPoint membership and the great news is that there is no maintenance fees each year. You do not pay anything unless you use your points each year. 


For anyone who loves to travel and is looking for a great deal, we highly recommend you contact Marc. He is great professional person to deal with and will look at what is best for you without any high pressure sales. 



Cam and Wendy Ross 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Just wanted to drop a note to you and tell you I just booked a 2 bedroom unit at the Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fl for July 2012. I combined my deposits to have a better trading power and was able to get the unit after performing an ongoing search it took about 4 months. My family and I are so excited about our next vacation we can't wait to get to see this amazing resort. We have had the unit in South Africa now for about 4 to 5 years and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Jonathan Tate



   this is a little note, to tell you, how much I appreciate your knowledge and HONESTY in helping me find a Time Share nit. In 2007, when, Lois and I decided to become Time Share owners. I was given your name, from a friend, who had purchased a time share unit a number of years prior to our purchasing a unit. I was, and am still very happy to ave you a my agent. At the beginning you said you wanted to make me a Time Share Pro. You were always there when I had questions, and to date, you are always willing to get the answers that I don't have our can't get. Again I thank you, and be assured, that any family or friends are looking to get into being a Time Share Owner, you will be the one I recommend.

John Imbriani

I bought my time share through Marc Thomas REMAX in 2003. I would like to take a moment to thank Marc for always, without question answering all my time share needs. A true professional who cares about his clients.

Thank You,

Gary Weger


Hi Marc,
We too are into the joyous time of the year, but with very cold
weather! Today, it was 19, a little dusting, with wind chills of 7! It's
beginning to look a lot like Christmas in more ways than one.
Regarding your recent e-mail, about the quality of satisfaction we have had with the
purchase of our time share, I would be most happy to comment.
On our most recent trip to Cancun, we stayed at the Grand Solaris, all inclusive
resort. Our experience was great. After talking with other guests of the hotel,
OUR timeshare was no doubt the best. Others paid much more than we did, &
we got the same services , for much less..They could not believe it. The
time share the hotel wants you to participate in for 90 minutes, can't compare
Marc, you really walked us through the entire process, with great
professionalism & satisfaction. When we had questions,( and we did) you had
all the answers. There was never any pressure to make a purchase like other
time shares often do. We are most satisfied, & happy to be an owner of a
property you sold us. I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in
making a future purchase.

Carol Gurovich

Have a great holiday & a happy 2011

Thought you might find interesting that we are flying down to Orlando FL tonight for a week-long stay at HGVC Sea World, in a 3BR unit. We'll be staying there on an RCI week-for-week exchange we got by depositing our 2BR Loveld Lodge week that you sold us. This is our 3rd RCI trade using Lowveld Lodge. Previously we exchanged Lowveld Lodge for Orlando Vistana (2BR) & for Tara Nova Imperia Lakes (2BR) both outstanding in their own separate ways. So to date, with the HGVC trade, we've already approximately broken even on the (modest) cost of Lowveld Lodge. Any more future good RCI trades that we get for Lowveld Lodge in the future will simply be gravy." 


Alan & Carol Cole, 

McLean,Virginia, USA.


"We had tried for about 3 years to sell our timeshare. Everyone wanted what we thought
was too high an upfront fee. Then we found Marc Thomas with Worldwide Timeshare
Resale. His fee was very reasonable and he said he'd see what he could do. Marc
kept in contact with us and in a short time our timeshare sold. From when Marc
emailed me with a question about our timeshare, to how we would get our
contract, to the final sale, he was right there for us. He made the sale of our
timeshare easy. We could use more ethical sales processionals like Marc in this
world. Thanks Marc."

Pleased customers,
Kenneth & Penny Clark
Burlington, N.C.

Marc, I want to take a minute to thank you for all your assistance in purchasing our
timeshare. Your guidance got us into a very affordable unit with great exchange
value. We have been able to book a Gold Crown Resort in Mazatlan, Mexico over

Christmas vacation and got a wonderful unit in Whistler- Blackcomb
for Spring Break. Next year we have booked Keystone, CO. and a beautiful,
semi-remote area in Oregon that we have always wanted to visit. There is
a good chance we would never have gotten to these destinations otherwise.
Certainly not all of them. Thanks again. We couldn't be more pleased.

Tom & Cheryl Cullen
Anchorage, Alaska

“We are really enjoying our new timeshare. You are professional, provide excellent
services, and have great prices. We are telling our friends and family about you.”

thank you! 

Pamela Paterson


It was a pleasure working with you on sale of our timeshare. There are many who
claim to do as you do, but all others wanted a great deal more to just list the
property with no assurance that the property would be sold. We felt very
comfortable with your continued contact and interest in our well being. Thanks
for being so dedicated to helping us sell our property. The best to you in 2009,

Rudy Straub

Hi Marc,
I just got back to VA from my time share in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I
traded it for the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. It was absolutely
beautiful. I took friends and it was a two bedroom with King size beds in each
room Couldn't believe how nice it was and so much to do there. It was a little
far from the town of Puerto Vallarta but we took taxis in a couple of times. I'm
so glad I bought my time share! 

Patricia Rowe

"I purchased 2 timeshares from you in 2003. I just thought I would drop you a note
to say how much we are enjoying them. I have been able to travel to Mexico and
Arizona without any trouble. I had my doubts purchasing from a real estate
agent. Your information turned out to be 100% accurate and true. I would like to
thank you for all the info you provided me at that time. Keep up the good work.
I am traveling to Mesa Arizona in mid November and back to Mexico in February
for 2 weeks. These timeshares are amazing.

Again Thank you for your professional service. "


Blake K. Anderson



"We couldn't be happier with the service we received before, during and after the
purchase of our week at Bushman's Nek. We were new and are still new to
timeshare ownership and we have always been able to get all of our questions answered. We are amazed at the reasonable prices. We recently exchanged two of our weeks for vacations we are taking this year and got exactly what we
wanted right away. I would recommend this to all my family and friends. We hope
in the next few years to purchase one or two more weeks like the one we just
got. "

Have a great Day
Natalie Erb

I have sent you another referral Graham Trimble. I gave him your website and phone number. If he purchases this will be referral #2. We have had great luck with our timeshare (Port Owen)In
2005 we were able to go to New Smyrna Beach for two weeks after only owning
the timeshare for 4 months!!! In 2006 we are going to a gold crown in Florida
 Jensen beach for two weeks. Also, we are going to Massenuton (spelling???)
for 1 week. In 2007 we are going to a gold crown for one week in Tuscany and
another week just south of the Almafi coast. The service from RCI has
been great!! Thanks for your help and hopefully I can keep sending you

Caroline Mills-White




What is a Vacation Ownership ownership?
Vacation ownership also known as time-sharing offers consumers the
opportunity to purchase fully furnished condominium style vacation
accommodations in a variety of forms such as fixed weeks, floating weeks, points
based clubs, fractional and cruises, Campground and RV Memberships for only a
percentage of the cost of full condominium or vacation home ownership. Two basic
types of timeshare units are sold: fee simple where the buyer gets title to a
fraction of the unit; and right-to-use where the purchaser is entitled to use
the unit for a specified period of time, but does not have an ownership
interest. For a one-time purchase price and payment of a yearly maintenance fees
and taxes, purchasers own their vacation either in perpetuity or for a
predetermined number of years. More than 5 million families have discovered the
benefits and affordability of buying one or two weeks of vacation ownership
rather than year-round ownership of a condominium unit or second
home.Where are most vacation ownership resorts
located? Vacation ownership resorts are found
across the globe in most every popular vacation destination. You'll find
vacation ownership resorts near beaches, ski areas, attraction areas, major
cities, rivers and lakes.

How does a Timeshare Property work?
Each condominium or campground and RV
membership of a vacation ownership resort is divided into intervals, either by
the week or points equivalent, which are sold separately. The condominiums and
campground RV memberships are priced according to a variety of factors,
including size of the unit, resort amenities, location, and season. For a
one-time purchase price and payment of yearly maintenance fees and taxes,
purchasers own their vacation either in perpetuity (Deeded) or for a
predetermined number of years (Right to Use). Ownership entitles you to a
certain amount of time in that property per year. Owners share both the use and
the costs of upkeep of their unit and the common grounds of the resort

What are the advantages to becoming a Timeshare owner?
The advantages are numerous. Vacation ownership secures
affordable, diverse quality vacations for life. Simply put, vacation ownership
provides tomorrow's vacations at today's prices. But there's more. Typically
your vacation ownership accommodations far exceed your typical hotel room.
Luxury rooms, kitchens, multiple bedrooms and baths, they're really a home away
from home, and the campgrounds and RV grounds are well kept and

How many people are Timeshare owners?
It is estimated that more than 5 million
families have discovered the benefits and affordability of buying one or two
weeks of vacation ownership rather than year-round ownership of a timeshare
condominium unit or second home.What are some of
the most common vacation options?
Whole ownership of a vacation home
or condominium, campground and RV membership... Pay rent to hotels &
motels... Rent or purchase a motor home...Or, Vacation ownership where you
receive all of the same benefits of condominium or vacation home ownership at a
fraction of the price because you only purchase the time that you need.

If I purchase, when will I receive my Deed, Share Block, or RTU Membership?
After the timeshare, campground, or RV membership is recorded at
the county courthouse. It is then sent to you along with your title policy. With
most sales the usual time frame is approximately ninety days. There are
exceptions to this as some counties take longer to process.

Can I ever sell my Timeshare ownership?
Yes. Once you are the legal owner of a vacation ownership week, you may sell it at any

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